Tribe of the Modern Mystic Annual Membership

Tribe of the Modern Mystic, Soul Intent Arts

Tribe of the Modern Mystic Annual Membership



Spiritual awakening in community

Intuitive emergence in compassion

Animism in the everyday

A new tribe of support for those whose lives are blessed with an uncontainable inner knowing:

  • 24/7 Private Community Engagement
  • Monthly Live Fire Gatherings
  • Personal development of spiritual relationships and oracle use
  • Two hours/month in Compass Sessions¬† (Live Q&A)
  • Unlimited access to past Compass Sessions
  • Invitations to special events and topical Compass Sessions
  • Discounts on all stand-alone classes
  • Discounts on all one-on-one services with Kelley
  • Unlimited access to curated resources
  • Privilege to submit requests for new blog articles and podcasts

This subscription is automatically billed annually.  You may cancel for a full refund within 14 days of purchase. no refunds are given after 14 days.

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