Introduction to Middle World Journeying


Introduction to Middle World Journeying


This experiential Course introduces the Middle World and its role in healing and animistic engagement, and instructs in a method of accessing it.


This experiential Course introduces the Middle World and methods of accessing it. There are infinite ways to do this work. The objectives for this course are to learn to access the Middle World as it is best for you, to establish contact with Nature as a spiritual entity, to explore the boundaries and limitations of your concept of animism, to gain the ability to do healings or learn wisdom in this realm, and how to apply what transpires in the Middle World in everyday life.

This Course is most appropriately completed after Introduction to Modern Shamanism, Ritual and Ceremony, and Totemism. This suggestion is based on having gained a foundation in cosmology and acquired spirit allies in the former classes, as well as an understanding of shamanism, and how it pertains to self.

There is no set time for completion, though it's better to take your time and arrive at conclusions that further you along your path, than to rush through and not internalize the material. Allowing 4 weeks for completion is suggested.

This course also includes light mentoring by Kelley.

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