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Purchase all four self-paced Courses–Introduction to Modern Shamanism, Rituals and Ceremony, Totemism, and Introduction to Middle World Journeying–at once, with a 15% discount.

Introduction to Modern Shamanism

Everything you want to know about shamanism, that few others teach. This non-experiential six-week class is a survey of the history, philosophies, challenges, and roles in traditional and modern shamanism.

Ritual, Ceremony, and Cosmology

This experiential Course is designed to impart an understanding of the distinction between ritual and ceremony, understanding the significance of cosmology in shamanic journeying, how to create both, and specifically how to create sacred space for the purpose of shamanic journey.

Totemism, Nature Spirits, Nature Allies

This non-experiential Course is valuable without the emphasis of shamanic work, as its purpose is to give basic insight into totemism and working with spirit beings as guides and teachers.

Introduction to Animism (Middle World)

This experiential Course introduces the Middle World and its role in healing and animistic engagement, and instructs in a method of accessing it.


Purchase all four self-paced Courses--Introduction to Modern Shamanism, Ritual and Ceremony, Totemism, and Introduction to Middle World Journeying,  at once, with a 15% discount.

Beginning with Introduction to Modern Shamanism, progress through Rituals and Ceremony, Totemism, then Introduction to Middle World Journeying. There is no set time for completion, though it's better to take your time and arrive at conclusions that further you along your path, than to rush through and not internalize the material.

These courses also include light mentoring by Kelley.

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