Spirited Paths Introduction to Modern Shamanism from Soul Intent Arts

What Is Modern Shamanism?

As modern shamanists, we can't claim paths that aren't our lineage. Yet the call to walk between worlds visits, regardless of ancestry. How then, do we create an authentic path without disrespecting those that came before? By educating ourselves. Learn About Life Between In the Spirited Paths course, Introduction to Modern Shamanism, learn the history [...]
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Personal Monthly Runecasts by Kelley Harrell on Patreon

A Gift for a Gift – Patreon

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Life between journeys - Shamanism Among Group by Kelley Harrell, Soul Intent Arts

Life Between Journeys Shamanism Among Group

Life Between Lives Shamanism Among is a group of shamanists devoted to grounding ecstasy between shamanic journeys–supporting, encouraging, witnessing, and thriving in animistic and shamanistic life this side of the ecstasy. Much of modern shamanism emphasizes the collection of techniques that describes a shaman, rather than the role of shaman. Our self-dialogue has to grow. This forum […]